Tepung Bumbu Serbaguna Spesial KOBE

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Special Coating Mix

Netto: 100g

Best Before: 28/08/2023

Made in Indonesia

Brand: Kobe


Wheat flour (90,25%),  salt, flavour enhancers (E621,E627,E631), raising agent (E500), garlic powder (maltodextrin, garlic powder, garlic flavour, ati-caking agent (E551)), sugar

This product can contain traces of: soy, milk, celery, crustacea.


Prepare chicken/meat/seafood/tempe (500g) and cut as prefered, prepare dry mix in bowl, 75g of Kobe Tepung Bumbu Special mix, coat the chicken/meat/seafood/tempe pleces in the dry mix evenly and lightly press the flour into the pieces, deep fry in hot oil (160°-170°C) until prefectly cooked and the color turns golden brown.