Bumbu BAMBOE Kare

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Seasoning for Javanese Curry

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Made in Indonesia

Brand: Bamboe


Shallots (46.1%), Salt, Vegetable oil (13.5%), Garlic (12.1%), Turmeric (2.4%), Pepper (2.4%), Coriander, Ginger (1.7%), galanga, Cumin


1 chicken, cut into pieces or 1 kg (2lbs) crab, cut in halves

200ml thick coconut milk

Boil chicken or crab in 900ml of water. Use only 2.5 cup (700) of broth.

Add bamboe instant spices, cook for +/- 10 mins in medium heat.

Add the coconut milk, stir, cook for 5 min. Serve hot.

This dish is suitable for vegetarian.

Substitute meat with tofu (cube and fried), carrot, zucchini and eggplant.

Adjust cooking time accordingly.