Bamboe Bumbu Soto Betawi

Bamboe Bumbu Soto Betawi

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Seasoning for Betawi Soto Soup

Netto: 65g

Best Before: 07/12/2021


Shallot (24%), garlic (14%), palm oil, salt, sugar, galangal (5%), white pepper (4%), turmeric (4%), clove (3%), ginger (2%), cumin (2%)


Boil 150g beef innards (tripe/lung/brisket). Cut into cubes and set aside. Discard the broth. Boil 150g cubed beef in 800ml water and allow 600ml beef broth remain in the pan. Add Bamboe Soto Betawi and innards to the beef broth, simmer for 5 min. Add 3 tbsp/35ml thick coconut milk or 100ml milk, bring to boil.

Serve with melinjo chips, chives/leek, lime juice, fried shallots, tomatoes-cubed.