Bamboe Bumbu Soto Ayam

Bamboe Bumbu Soto Ayam

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Seasoning for Indonesian Yellow Chicken Soup

Made in Indonesia

Netto: 40g

Best Before: 03/02/2022


Shallot (40%), garlic (22%), palm oil, salt, ginger (5%), lemongrass (3%), turmeric (3%), white pepper (2%)


Boil 500g chicken cut into halves. Allow 4 cups broth to remain in the pan. Add Bamboe Soto ayam, mix well, continue cooking for flavour. 

Serving: shred chicken, arrange in a bowl with garnish (sliced steamed/fried potato, soaked glass vermicelli, bean sprouts, fried shallot flakes, celery).

Por hot soup in and add dash of lemon juice/sliced lemon for flavour.