Bamboe Bumbu Nasi Kuning 12

Bamboe Bumbu Nasi Kuning 12

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Seasoning for Indonesian Yellow Fragrant Rice

Netto: 12 x 50g

Best Before: 07/06/2021


Shallot (20%), garlic (18%), turmeric (11%), salt, palm oil, lemongrass (8%), lime leaf (8%), salam leaf (6%), acidity regulator (E260), yeast extract.


Wash 400g rice, drain and put into rice cooker. Add into the rice cooker: Bamboe Nasi Kuning, 700ml coconut milk, 2 bay leaves, 2 pandan leaves, 2 lime leaves, and stir well. Cook, stir twice while cooking to make sure the spiced rice cooks evenly. 

Serve with side dishes: potato meatball, sliced omelet, fried chicken, tomato, cucumber, fried tempeh and peanuts.