Drinks without Alcohol


Air Kelapa
Coconut Water Netto: 1000 ml Best Before: 19/09/2021, 15..

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Jahe Laos
Jahe Laos Netto: 5 x 25g Best Before: 31/08/2022 Made i..

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Jahe Merah Rumput Laut
Jahe Merah & Rumput Laut Netto: 5 x 25g Haltbarkeitsdatu..

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Jahe Wangi
Ginger Tea Netto: 5x25g Best Before: 30/06/2022 Made in..

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Kopi Ginseng
Instant Coffee with Ginseng Korea Netto: 120g ( 6x20g ) ..

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Kopiko Kopi Jawa 3in1
Java Coffee 3in1 Netto: 210g (10x21g) Best Before: 12/06..

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Kunir Asam
Kunir Asam Netto: 5 x 30g Best Before: 31/08/2022 Made ..

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Kunir Putih
Kunir Putih Netto: 5 x 25g Best Before: 30/04/2022 Made..

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Sekoteng Ginger Drink Netto: 5x30g Best Before: 31/08/20..

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Sirup Susu Mawar
Exotic Rose Syrup with Milk Netto: 500 ml Best Before: 0..

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Teh Botol Original
Jasmine Tea Drink Netto: 250ml Best Before: 17/01/2022 ..

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Teh Botol Original 1L
Jasmine Tea Netto: 1 liter Best Before: 16/11/2021 Made..

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Green Tea Premium Netto: 60g Best Before: 17/06/2023 Ma..

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Teh Hijau Melati
Green tea with Jasmine flowers Netto: 50g Best Before: 0..

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Black Tea Netto: 50g Best Before: 14/06/2021 Made in In..

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Teh Pucuk Harum
Jasmine Tea Netto: 350ml Best Before: 30/08/2021 Made i..

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Temulawak Kunir
Temulawak Kunir Netto: 5 x 30g Best Before: 31/08/2022 ..

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White Coffee Classic 3in1 OLDTOWN
White instant coffee with classic tasteNetto: 570g ( 15x38..

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White Milk Tea 3in1 OLDTOWN
White instant tea - milk flavored teaNetto: 480g ( 12x40g)..

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