Drinks without Alcohol


Adem Seljuk Rasa Cincau OT
Tea with grass jelly flavorNetto: 350mlBest Before: 27/02/..

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Air Kelapa KARA 1Liter
Coconut Water Netto: 1000 ml Best Before: 26/01/2023 Ma..

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Fruit Tea Blackcurrant SOSRO
Tea with black currants FlavorNetto: 200mlBest before date..

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Fruit Tea Strawberry & Grape SOSRO
Tea with strawberry and grape flavorNetto: 200mlBest Befor..

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GILUS MIX Kopi Giling Halus Gula Aren
Instant coffee with palm sugarNetto: 230g ( 10x23g )Best b..

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Ginger Tea Tematik TONG TJI
Ginger Tea Netto: 3 x 21.96g Best Before: 29/01/2023 Ma..

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Imperial Jasmine Tea TONG TJI
Imperial Jasmine Tea Netto: 100g Best Before: 01/02/2024..

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Jahe + Gula Nira ANSEFF
Ginger with Brown Sugar Netto: 250g Best Before: 25/08/2..

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Jahe Wangi ADARASA
Ginger Tea Netto: 5x25g Best Before: 30/11/2023 Made in..

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KERATON Sari Jahe Ginseng
Ginger juice with ginseng and sugarNetto: 6 x 30mlBest Bef..

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Kopi Ginseng MIWON
Instant Coffee with Ginseng Korea Netto: 120g ( 6x20g ) ..

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Kopi Jawa 3in1 KOPIKO
Java Coffee 3in1 Netto: 210g (10x21g) Best Before: 02/02..

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Kunir Asam ADARASA
Kunir Asam Netto: 125G Best Before: 30/09/2023 Made in ..

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MARJAN Sirup Leci
Syrup with lychee flavorNetto: 460mlBest before: 26/01/202..

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MARJAN Sirup Lemon
Syrup with lemon flavorNetto: 460mlBest Before: 06/01/2024..

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MARJAN Sirup Melon
Syrup with melon flavor Netto: 460ml Best Before: 19/01/..

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MARJAN Sirup Pisang Susu
Syrup with banana flavor Netto: 460ml Best Before: 22/12..

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Matcha Latte Tematik TONG TJI
Matcha LateeNetto: 3 x 24.7ggBest before date: 18/02/2023M..

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Minuman Air Kelapa KARA 250ml
Hydro Coco Original Netto: 250ml Best Before: 11/02/2023..

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Minuman Air Kelapa KARA 500ml
Hydro Coco Original Netto: 500ml Best Before: 25/03/2023..

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SOSRO Teh Botol Original 200ml
Jasmine teaNetto: 200mlBest Before: 10/03/2023Made in Indo..

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Sariwangi Teh Asli
Black Tea Netto: 46,25g Best Before: 27/07/2023 Made in..

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Sirup Fruit Punch MARJAN
Syrup with fruit punch flavor Netto: 460ml Best Before: ..

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Sirup Markisa MARJAN
Sirup Maracuya Flavour Netto: 460ml Best Before: 10/12/2..

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